Secure Internet Access

Cyberspace has become a common ground to work together and promote a business, but many cybersecurity threats have made it unsafe. Due to this, a company needs a good solution to ensure that its computer servers are safe and secure from any leaked information or possible cyber attacks. Secure internet access is more important than ever before.

What Is A Secure Internet Connection

A company or any business mainly uses one server to connect its employees and remote workers. The number of threats has also increased with the increasing use of SaaS applications.

Therefore, a business needs to implement secure internet access measures in its servers to counter such cyber threats, which is done with the help of a secure connection between the computers and the web.

Secure internet access is the solution to prevent employees from misusing the company’s resources by accessing forbidden sites or protecting the servers from getting attacked by a malicious virus.

A safe internet connection or SIC is a solution through which organizations ensure that their users are productive, do not get distracted, and cannot access forbidden sites through the company’s internet access.

How Does Secure Internet Connection Work?

The main solution of a secure and safe connection is to manage the connection between the users and cyberspace. It manages the traffic and access to and from the server and the rest of the web. A secure connection can be implemented in two ways;

Cloud-Based Protection

Cloud-based protection or cloud access security comes from a secure web gateway between the company server and cyberspace. It is a protection service that protects the whole organization’s server and can be implied to all tools and gadgets.

This type of protection includes all the critical security technologies such as; antivirus, anti-malware, URL filtering, prevention from stealing of information, application control, browser security, and strong web security.

The different security technologies in the secure web gateway have various purposes and solutions to these issues. For instance, URL filtering can control users’ internet usage and prevent them from using inappropriate or malicious sites.

As a result, there will be increased productivity and decreased chances of a breach in the company’s information.

Application control is a good solution to allow the organization to limit the accessibility of the users to certain apps. Security from data loss will ensure that no sensitive information is shared outside the organization.

Antivirus and anti-malware will run regular checks of the internet traffic to search for any unusual behavior and remove any issues found.

In-Browser Protection

This type of security solution is completely different from cloud-based protection, instead of having a middle wall in which the traffic is inspected before being directed to the internet. There is no secure middle wall between the world wide web and the employee’s computers.

Instead, there is a checking of the internet traffic on the endpoint of the browser. This allows a seamless user experience of the internet while the outbound traffic is regularly inspected at the endpoint.

This inspection of the traffic will be able to catch any unusual activities, such as a sudden increase in traffic, which can be an indication of any malware or a distributed denial of service attack.

The traffic will also be analyzed as a security solution so that no sensitive information is shared from the organization’s internet access to the external server. Or no malicious information is being transferred to the server.

What Does Secure Internet Access Provide?

`A secure internet access has many advantages that it can provide such as;

Protection From Viruses And Malware Attacks

There are several ways in which cyber attackers can transfer malware into the server, which can then be used for DNS attacks or corrupting a server.

With the help of secure internet access, one can stop malware or malicious content from web-based attacks before it enters the device.

Once the malware is installed, the attacker can communicate with the attacker and receive instructions. Therefore, secure internet access will inspect each download to search for malicious content that can threaten the business.

Content Filtering

Access control in secure internet access is a security measure achieved by URL filtering, which the organization can adjust according to its company guidelines. The work on electronic devices gives the freedom to the user to use different websites unrelated to work.

Many of these websites can cause infiltering of the data or decrease the employees’ productivity.

With the help of content filtering, organizations can block inappropriate sites and many SaaS apps. Secure internet access can be used to manage over 1 billion domains in 165 categories of websites.

Companies or organizations can block inappropriate sites such as video streaming, gameplay, or gambling sites, and file-sharing sites such as torrents can be blocked to protect the servers of employees from any sensitive data being shared.

Data Loss Prevention

A data breach is a major component of any cyber attack. There can be a profound loss of business and sensitive information regarding an organization due to a data breach. As a result, it could take a profound amount of time to recover from it.

Secure internet access is a solution that can block sharing sites and other storage sites, preventing important data transfer. This loss is often a result of careless behavior of employees, and Secure internet access can keep a check on all the information being channeled to and from the computers and protect the servers.

A secure connection can easily deal with cyber-attack threats and catch sudden crimes. A secure connection can also catch any attacks before they cause much harm. Once such threats are caught, they can be analyzed to deploy protection strategies to safeguard the network.

Multi Operation

Good secure internet access can be implied on all devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and more. Therefore all the rules and regulations, like banning certain sites, are also implied on all the computers when connected to the organization’s sites. This prevents any issues that any device can cause.

Credentials Theft Prevention

When a cyber criminal attacks a server, they can also steal useful information such as login and passwords of different users from different sites. Malware attacks like the trojan horse virus can turn a user’s computer into a zombie computer.

The attacker can then use this zombie computer to harm another gadget without alerting the user. Secure internet access is the perfect solution to safeguard and protect all the computers connected to an organization.


A secure connection might not be the solution to all the cyber threats, but it is an access security solution that any company can imply. It can work as a protective barrier against numerous cyber crimes.

A business or a company has essential information stored on its servers which can be stolen and used against them. Cybercriminals are known to cause damage to a business by hacking into their servers and corrupting them. A secure connection is a solution to the many cyber crimes and protective barriers against them.

Derik Belair

As President and CEO, Derik leads the vision, strategy and growth of Augmentt. Prior to founding Augmentt, Derik was the Vice President at SolarWinds, leading the digital marketing strategy for SolarWinds’ Cloud division. Derik has been working in the channel for over 20 years, starting his career as a channel sales rep at Corel Corp. and eventually becoming the first employee at N-able Technologies in April of 2000.
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