Duo MFA Status Monitoring Available Now


Real-Time SaaS Alerting is available through Augmentt Secure

SaaS Alerting

Augmentt receives SOC 2 Type 2 certification


Augmentt’s Free Email Alerting & Notification Console is Now Available


Augmentt’s Free Salesforce Security Auditing Tool is Now Available


Augmentt Discover now supports Desktop Apps


Augmentt Engage, now with Google Workspace


Augmentt is now available with Mac Support


The platform for MSPs
to discover, manage and secure
your client’s SaaS applications


SaaS Management
solutions for MSPs

Augmentt helps MSPs uncover Shadow IT, manage their customer’s Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace cloud apps, and enforce security policies to prevent security breaches.

Augmentt is amazing! I didn’t know what we were missing. We get the technical details, security information, management capabilities, and my clients can view their own SaaS usage within their portal account. You might get application details with your RMM, it’s not a complete picture without Augmentt!

Cary Wagner

CEO, Pacific NorthWest


“I recommend Augmentt to my clients because they are the platform for SaaS security and management

Ted Clouser

President, PCA Technology Solutions


“Augmentt has one of the strongest onboarding services, dare I say ‘hand-holding’, that we have ever seen from a vendor.  The Discover agent is a no-brainer for any MSP as you should have an easy-to-read report of what SaaS your clients are using in order to complete your software audits.  Engage just works and is a finishing touch when you don’t want/need to give your techs admin access for password resets.  And now they’ve rolled out Secure which is looking to be one of the best tools for security oversight of Microsoft accounts.  It’s rare that a newcomer in the field has their act together this well and we can do nothing but sing their praises.

Eric Johnson

President, Credo Technology Group, LLC


“Augmentt gives us insight into the sites and services that our customers use most. With so many customers in hybrid or remote work models our traditional methods of reporting were not working. Now we have a way to keep our customers up to date on what services they are using.”

Justin Penchina

President, Valiant Technology


“MSP clients are often unaware of the risks of an unwatched cloud environment. Augmentt’s solution makes it possible for MSPs to gather the data that clients need to understand those risks. This transparency improves client understanding and engagement”

Jeff Farris

President & CEO, CloudRadial

Powerful SaaS security and management
products in one easy platform

saas discovery

SaaS Application

Discover the full SaaS Application mix used in your client’s environment to help them mitigate risk from cyber security threats.
saas management

Protect and Secure Office 365

Protect your customers’ most important cloud applications by auditing & monitoring security policy enrolment, including MFA, to significantly reduce the risk of a security breach.
saas management

SaaS management simplicity

With Augmentt Engage, you can accelerate SaaS management to streamline provisioning, simplify daily user management, improve security and increase productivity.
saas management system

SaaS Backup made easy and affordable

With just a few simple clicks, your admins can use Augmentt to backup multiple domains, and organizations. We offer unlimited storage, and unlimited retention of daily archives, so that your data can be quickly recovered from any point in time, or exported for onsite storage if needed.
MSP Alliance

Secure & manage SaaS and cloud applications like never before. Book a live product demo

Ready to get started with a
SaaS management platform?

Ready to get started with a
SaaS management platform?

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(fax) 647-372-0393


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