We are Augmentt

Augmentt’s values are deeply rooted in the history of our two founders, Derik Belair and Gavin Garbutt. The former founders of N-able came together with an idea that would forever shape the IT channel, by helping MSPs move from a break fix model to creating managed services.
That same passion and vision is what let them to create Augmentt, a SaaS Security Management platform, optimized for Microsoft. The platform is built for MSPs who are serious about creating a profitable future through managed SaaS services.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to create easy to use solutions for MSPs when it comes to securing and managing their clients most critical business applications. We believe MSPs should be at the forefront of SaaS security management and require smart solutions to get them there.

This is the foundation for everything we do at Augmentt—from how we build together to how we serve our MSP partners, to the way in which we approach a problem.


Be honest with yourself, with your teammates and with our customers.


Do what is right even if it isn’t popular.


Believe in what you do and take responsibility.


Be respectful and foster an environment that is inclusive to others.

Our Product Philosophy

Augmentt's product philosophy is rooted in the belief that security should be both proactive and reactive in order to deliver a managed service that clients can depend on. Augmentt follows the Audit, Detect, Protect framework.

Audit your customers environments to discover security risks, detect threats by setting alerts and creating tickets, and protect the environment by remediating security gaps.
our product philosophy

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Augmentt is a centralized SaaS security platform built for MSPs to deliver scalable managed security services for Microsoft and cloud apps. Our multi-tenant platform gives you visibility across all your end-users to easily audit, protect and detect security threats for a holistic approach to cyber security.