VPN As A Service

A VPN provides secure access to a network connection while using a public network or even a private network. Virtual private networks (VPN) have the ability to encrypt your online traffic and disguise your identity on the internet.

This can be a great way to keep yourself secure while you are on the internet, as it makes it harder for third parties to track your online behavior and activity by masking your IP address. Moreover, VPN technology is a great way to keep your data private.

Due to the excessive growth of online activity, scams and online theft have become a huge deal, and one can never be too safe from them. However, VPN services are a great way to keep yourself safe from scams and thefts.

Many countries have their own rules, and often multiple websites, such as entertainment websites, are region blocked. Moreover, some specific media may not be accessible in a certain country, so a VPN connection gives you the ability to change your location according to your needs. This is a highly useful feature as it allows you to access different types of information and media regardless of the region.

When accessing the internet, our data is often stored and sold to marketing firms, which is why we often receive ads based on our search history and activity.

Furthermore, an internet service provider usually provides you with static IP addresses, which means that your IP address cannot be changed and will stay the same. However, through the use of a secure VPN as a service, you can easily change the address your service provider has provided you.

How Does A VPN Connection Work?

VPN technology works by hiding or disguising your internet address using a server configured by your VPN host.

In simple terms, this means you can freely surf the web without worrying about anyone seeing what websites you visit or any data you send or receive, such as messages and emails.

Surfing the web, without safety, can be very dangerous as many different websites can store your data, such as your private information, which is then sold to larger corporations.

This is one of the main reasons important consumer information is leaked online if a corporation’s data is hacked.

VPN services have the ability to act as filters for your data so that if any essential data of yours is stolen while you are connected to a VPN, it will always be useless as all your data is turned into waste as it passes through a VPN tunnel.

Benefits Of A VPN Service

VPN as a service provides secure access to the internet as it has the ability to mask your data traffic. This can lead to multiple benefits that you would not be able to avail of otherwise;

Secure Transfer Of Data

The ability to transfer and exchange data securely can be a huge benefit for remote workers, as they often need to connect to a company’s network to access important files. In order to keep such important data safe, secure connections are required to avoid leakage of data.

In most cases, to access important company data, a secure connection is required. This provides the employee with a safe connection to the corporate network by using encryption methods that decrease the chance of crucial data being leaked.

VPN as a service can be highly useful for an organization’s cloud infrastructure if they have a remote workforce, as it provides them with great security services and secure access.

Disguising Your Activity Online

VPN infrastructure works in such a way that a VPN acts like your proxy on the internet. Since the demographic data is extracted from a different country, the chances of your original location being exposed become slim.

Thus, it makes your private data very hard to extract or steal compared to getting stolen or extracted on a local network.

Another great advantage is that, in most cases, a VPN client does not take logs of your data and does not store it. Therefore, decreasing the ability of your online activity to be tracked even more.

Data Encryption

VPN as a service is a great way to keep your data safe because it encrypts it, making it much harder to access or extract. Most data that is going through VPN gateways are encrypted. Thus, making it much easier for remote workers to access data on a corporate network without having to worry about network security breaches.

Since the data you share or receive passes through an encrypted tunnel, there is a great chance that your data will stay protected and not be accessed even if you are on a public network.

VPN As A Service

VPN as a service allows organizations to provide their employees with safe access to important company data and resources stored in the company’s cloud.

VPN as a service is much different as compared to consumer VPN because it requires a VPN infrastructure to be present on the consumer’s end.

However, a VPN as a service provides remote users with a safe and easily accessible connection that is coherent with an organization’s cloud infrastructure.

VPN as a service is fairly easy to set up and can easily be started in just a few minutes.

Types Of VPN Services

A VPN may come in various types, each having its own set of uses;

Consumer VPN

Various companies offer VPN services designed specifically for consumers in which the connection is terminated after use, controlled by the provider on an endpoint.

Consumers usually use this to bypass geographic restrictions and access various forms of media that may not be available in their own country of origin. Moreover, it can also be used to keep your internet browsing activity hidden from your ISP.

Enterprise VPN

Enterprise VPN is mostly used by corporations and not on an individual level. An enterprise VPN deploys endpoints on a corporate network, which helps provide safe access to remote workers.

Moreover, an enterprise VPN is also used to strengthen an organization’s network security and cloud environments.


VPN as a service or VPNaaS solutions are highly useful for a company that has a remote workforce, requiring remote access to a company’s resources at all times.

What VPN Provider To Choose

Choosing a VPN provider is not hard, as it entirely depends on what purpose you want to use a VPN for. If you want a simple and easy-to-set-up VPN client intended for consumers, you can choose a VPN service that is fit for consumer use.

If an organization with a remote workforce wants to increase their network security and provide easy remote access to their workers, then they should opt for a VPNaas or VPN as a service.

Switching From A Traditional VPN To A VPNaaS And Its Benefits

Remote workers need secure remote access to do their jobs, which can be provided by using VPN as a service.

Switching from a traditional VPN to a VPNaaS can be highly beneficial if your company has remote workers because;

Since VPNaaS solutions are a part of cloud platforms, remote workers are provided with highly secure cloud environments and direct access to an organization’s resources.

Many traditional VPNs are difficult to use remotely from mobile phones. However, VPNaaS solutions have remote access, which makes it easier for remote workers to access work data through mobile devices.

Since VPNaaS solutions are cloud-based, they can adapt easily to a changing business environment compared to traditional VPNs that take a long time to set up.


VPNs can be very useful regarding security on private and public networks, as they allow users to mask their online presence and keep it hidden from their ISP.

Moreover, VPNs can be very beneficial both on a consumer and a corporate level, as all the data passed through a VPN tunnel is essentially passed through an encrypted tunnel. This keeps your essential data safe and accessible to third parties.

Furthermore, VPN as a service helps organizations provide secure access to company resources to remote workers because they are integrated within a company’s cloud infrastructure.

Suppose you are someone who prefers to keep their internet activities private or are cautious about information getting stolen or accessed by someone else. In that case, VPNs are very useful as they make your connection safer.

Moreover, before choosing a company or what type of VPN you want, it is important to consider your initial use of the VPN because there are various types of VPNs used for various purposes.

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