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News And Events

Belair joins a group of thought leaders and subject matter experts representing cloud software platforms and applications Ottawa, ON – September 01, 2022 – Augmentt announced today that company co-founder and CEO, Derik Belair, has joined the prestigious CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council. Comprised of thought leaders and subject matter experts representing cloud software platforms...

OTTAWA, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Augmentt, the SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, today announced SaaS Security Alerting for Microsoft 365. Available through Augmentt Secure, the new real-time threat detection gives MSPs the SaaS alerting capability for unmatched protection of Microsoft 365. “Augmentt Secure has been a game-changer when it comes to gaining visibility...

Ottawa, Ont. Canada – July 6, 2022 –  Augmentt, the SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, today announced the launch of a Free Community Software Program that is designed to help MSPs and IT professionals around the globe better manage and secure their SaaS and cloud applications. The new tools include the Augmentt...

All the stats and trends point to a sobering truth: Because they hold a treasure trove of data assets, financial services firms are a priority target for cybercriminals. And aside from their valuable data, financial entities must meet the growing demand for an engaging online customer experience—something that may further expose IT vulnerabilities to hackers....

Today, the double-edged sword called cyber insurance is both a must-have and a safeguard that’s increasingly difficult to acquire and afford. In 2022, cyber insurance coverage is more elusive for companies than it was in 2021—and chances are strong that that trend will continue. Why is it so scarce and costly? The explosion of ransomware and...

Changes in IT Procurement are creating opportunities for MSPs   LogicMonitor’s most recent research report shows that “customers top needs include 24/7 IT monitoring support (29%), support for remote work (24%), and decreased IT downtime (24%) —many of which could be automated, integrated, and further supported by their MSPs.” A growing trend across organizations is that IT...

It’s an increasingly critical question these days: Does the responsibility lie with MSPs or with its clients when it comes to obtaining, managing, and optimizing cyber insurance coverage?   Even though increasingly frequent data breaches have made cyber coverage extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to acquire, the even more fundamental issue challenging many MSPs is...

Like most aspects of cloud and SaaS security, protecting something that is as appealing to cybercriminals as a client’s Microsoft 365 environment has become a question of time management: can you devote hours needed to cover the hundreds and possibly thousands of potential points of entry in M365?   It’s a critical and enduring question,...


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