Advanced Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is what is called the next-generation security solution against virus attacks. This endpoint solution is developed using artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning (ML). Not only that, but to ensure a comprehensive cybersecurity system, it also uses the latest automated intelligence and other security tools to protect your systems against all kinds of malware.

Organizations across the nation have faced various attacks at some point in their running, while others always have a potential threat lurking around.

As the attacks and criminals get smarter, so does the defense team. Necessary steps, including upgrading the advanced endpoint protection solution system, are one of the many ways of ensuring long-term data protection.

Functions Of Advanced Endpoint Security Solution

From prevention, endpoint detection, and responding to any malware ready to attack your computer systems or mobile devices, the AEP system has certain functionalities that help it become efficient. This includes:

Machine Learning:

The solutions for threat detection and response are usually predicted through patterns and trends that are collected from all data. This means ML learns new patterns, adapts to the threats it faces with time, and improves as the threats advance.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence:

Any of the latest cybercrime campaigns of known and unknown threats are identified earlier with real-time threat intelligence. Machine learning plays an essential part in this step. As the trends are learned, and the detection tools become smarter, it becomes easier to identify any unusual activity in your system.

Security Analytics:

All these advanced technologies use security analytics tools to help them aggregate all the required data. This data is sourced through multiple channels and analyzed to identify the malware trends, which are potential indicators warning us of an attack being planned against us.

Tailored or Customized Protection:

All of the organization’s devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, use IoT (Internet of Things) and various other endpoints specialized for its use. These help in identifying and exposing the potential risks that the systems might be exposed to.

The advanced endpoint protection solutions prioritize the defense attack according to the threat to all devices associated with the organization.

Why Should I Invest In Endpoint Protection?

All organizations require security technology as everyone has important data that shouldn’t be made public knowledge. With an endpoint defense plan, you don’t need to integrate numerous antivirus solutions. You just need the combined AEP solutions, and this will ensure effective protection for your system and be much more efficient.

Also, this model focuses on learning and automatically improving itself, making it more adaptive against potential threats. This means you don’t need to worry about updates and potential new viruses. Your system is automatically trained to do all the hard work for you. It will change and enhance its security tools which means your system will always be ready to fight any new virus that dares to enter your system.

Rapid and automatic security response is delivered against potential threats. The system connected to the entire organization will cover all the data and systems the organization uses at all times. You just need to integrate all the systems, such as using cloud technology to connect all the systems, and the automated system will do the rest.

Cloud-Based Endpoint Security For Your Organization

These AEP security solutions require a cloud-based platform which would help with a stress-free system aggregation across the organization. Plus, data sharing and visibility will be much easier and simpler. You can easily access the system from anywhere you want and weed out the attacker without having to physically be in the office building.

There are numerous benefits to the AEP system being cloud-based; you would want to consider them while making the best decision for your organization’s data protection. The benefits include:

Advanced Protection:

All data is collected in real-time, which creates the foundation for the ML to write and rewrite the required security codes against a potential threat. You can detect, prevent, and even take the best course of action against a virus without missing out on time. There are times when you’re not equipped to fight against a new virus, but with this system, you advance yourself along with the virus without missing a beat.

Increased Scalability:

Need more space to store your data? No problem! Doesn’t even take up physical space anywhere in your office. Yes, cloud technology is easily one of the most scalable storage spaces. You can purchase the data space you need at a minimal price and save all the information you want for a significant time without the risk of losing it. You can add up more space with time without losing out on previous data, even if it’s a decade old.


You do not require any physical device to deploy AEP systems. This means you have something that is easy to purchase and deploy without having to procure and pay a hefty sum for hardware or software.

The system doesn’t cost much, making it easier for small and big organizations to use. For many organizations, data protection is an issue as they are unable to keep up with the antivirus costs. This comparison is affordable for many, along with its many features, making it a better investment option.

Seamless and Quicker Protection Deployment:

Not everyone has a year to work on a system that will work best with a system. You need to pick the best available in the market, which can easily be deployed within a few hours. That is exactly what you get through the AEP cloud technology system. The entire software is installed and deployed in a short time, saving you significant hours or even months that would have been otherwise required. The transition is not even difficult; your IT team can handle it like a pro.

Minimal Maintenance Required:

Since everything is run on IoT and in real-time, you don’t need advanced maintenance routines or need to shut down systems for it. Everything happens immediately, and not much expertise is needed on the matter. Your IT can easily monitor it from their system, and no work for the day will be interrupted.

In comparison to some antivirus, this is a much easier system to deal with. Other systems would require planned maintenance and updates to keep up with the evolving viruses. This just needs to be installed once and sometimes monitored to be sure that the system is running at all times.

Solutions Offered By Advanced Endpoint Security Tools

All security risks need a solution ready for them before an attack occurs. AI needs to apply the best solutions to protect your system. There are three main elements that are key decision-makers in an AEP system.

Your IT team needs to be fully aware of them to deploy the best security for your organization. If they do not understand this, they will not be able to provide the best course of action required against a potential threat.

To make the best AEP solution decision, you need to look into the following three points:

Attack Prevention

Cybercriminals are evolving and have started relying on more sophisticated attack plans, making it essential for the AEP system; to detect unknown and known threats lurking around in the system. This can be done through ML, which collects data and then decides the best course of action by utilizing the patterns that it has noted of the threat.

Virus Detection

Attackers are not expecting to find a defense team ready to read any threat against the virus they send. They are only prepared to hack through known preventive matters, which is where you gain the advantage. Your system should be able to integrate the security measure and respond in a small-time window to neutralize the threat.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Real-time threat detection and immediate response to any kind of virus are a bonus for all organizations. This is especially beneficial when you have security experts managing the program. You don’t need to have someone constantly checking your system, as there is an automated system doing the work on your behalf. You also receive guidelines through the program analysis for thorough protection.

How Do I Achieve Optimum AEP System Protection?

Not all organizations have the same antivirus requirements; hence, their needs and requirements differ. Though some core features that an AEP system offers are essential for everyone, which helps in selecting the best course of action.

This includes whether they need immediate solutions even when not physically present in the office, does the IT need to be involved every step of the way, the results and learning post defeating a threat, and more.


All endpoint devices protected through an AEP system have an added layer of security which is easy for your IT team to manage. You can choose whether you require this system depending on your organization’s requirements.

AEP solutions are easy to install, understand, manage, and deploy. Compared to many antiviruses, they have much more scalability and serve as a long-term antivirus solution. If you have been looking for an antivirus, we recommend you try an AEP solution first.

Derik Belair

As President and CEO, Derik leads the vision, strategy and growth of Augmentt. Prior to founding Augmentt, Derik was the Vice President at SolarWinds, leading the digital marketing strategy for SolarWinds’ Cloud division. Derik has been working in the channel for over 20 years, starting his career as a channel sales rep at Corel Corp. and eventually becoming the first employee at N-able Technologies in April of 2000.
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