ITAM for SaaS and Cloud applications

As businesses migrate to the cloud, the apps and services deployed in that space quickly become invaluable assets. However, for many organizations, the willingness to adopt cloud IT and SaaS may have surged ahead of the ability to manage it. MSPs have the opportunity to provide ITAM for cloud apps and make money doing it.

eBook: ITAM for SaaS and Cloud applications

For MSPs, the management of business-critical cloud apps and SaaS applications represent a new frontier in IT asset management (ITAM) that must be considered.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to provide a single source of truth for proper asset management when dealing with SaaS sprawl
  • How MSPs can start to close the ITAM loop to protect against cyber attacks and weaknesses in SaaS and Cloud Apps
  • How to use a threat report to identify blind spots in your customer’s environments to win new business
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