The MSPs Guide to Preventing 99% of Microsoft 365 Cyber Attacks

Learn the top five best practices to prevent your client's Microsoft environments from being breached.

The MSPs Guide to Preventing 99% of Microsoft 365 Cyber Attacks - 5 Easy Steps to Protect your Clients

This ebook is for MSPs who want to enhance their Microsoft 365 security knowledge and learn more about how to level up their cybersecurity protocols. In the ebook you’ll find Microsoft’s proven strategies and best practices that MSPs can follow to prevent 99% of Microsoft cyber attacks.
  • Discover the power of MultiFactor Authentication (MFA
  • Discover the principles of Zero-Trust
  • Explore Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  • Learn how to keep your client's environment up to date
  • Stay current with the latest best practices in data protection
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