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When it comes to MSPs managing the SaaS complexity, visibility of a client’s application inventory is everything. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lifecycle Insights to bring Augmentt Discover data directly into their platform. How is this a game-changer? It means that MSPs can now quickly audit SaaS software activity across customers and maintain an inventory...

Today, the double-edged sword called cyber insurance is both a must-have and a safeguard that’s increasingly difficult to acquire and afford. In 2022, cyber insurance coverage is more elusive for companies than it was in 2021—and chances are strong that that trend will continue. Why is it so scarce and costly? The explosion of ransomware and...

The COVID-19 global pandemic is upending business operations around the world. The sudden and swift shift of millions of workers from on-site to remote work environments challenged and continues to challenge organizations as never before. In the rush to virtually connect remote workers to the workplace, however, employers and MSPs may have overlooked security —...

In the past few years, so much focus has been on the move to the cloud. Not anymore.  2020 was the year of cybersecurity, compliance, personally identifiable information (PII) awareness, GDPR, and remote work. The cloud hype has changed. Now people want to know how to maintain and manage the new SaaS-heavy environment they see...

Shadow IT refers to the practice of using software and other systems outside of, and without the knowledge of, the IT department.  As the use of SaaS applications grows exponentially, so has Shadow IT. Employees now have the ability to bypass IT with software that’s available for a low monthly fee–or for free– with the...

Many businesses that hadn’t previously provided remote working tools for their employees have had to go for a quick fix as lockdown forced people to stay at home. The problem is that adopting ad hoc solutions risk undoing years of careful procurement and security management.  This leaves your business exposed to hackers and cybercriminals who...

The gap between the business and the traditional IT department is widening. With ever-increasing pressure to perform, employees, frustrated by rigid organizational structures, are circumventing the CIO organization to achieve their own IT outcomes.  This is known as “Shadow IT.”  Shadow IT is not a new concept, IT departments have despaired for many years at...

The rise of SaaS has led to the democratization of IT—letting just about any employee with a corporate card purchase software. Its impact is felt everywhere from cloud storage and collaboration to marketing automation and analytics. If you ask IT, they’ll refer to this practice as Shadow IT and reel off the security risks associated...


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