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All the stats and trends point to a sobering truth: Because they hold a treasure trove of data assets, financial services firms are a priority target for cybercriminals. And aside from their valuable data, financial entities must meet the growing demand for an engaging online customer experience—something that may further expose IT vulnerabilities to hackers....

Today, the double-edged sword called cyber insurance is both a must-have and a safeguard that’s increasingly difficult to acquire and afford. In 2022, cyber insurance coverage is more elusive for companies than it was in 2021—and chances are strong that that trend will continue. Why is it so scarce and costly? The explosion of ransomware and...

It’s an increasingly critical question these days: Does the responsibility lie with MSPs or with its clients when it comes to obtaining, managing, and optimizing cyber insurance coverage?   Even though increasingly frequent data breaches have made cyber coverage extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to acquire, the even more fundamental issue challenging many MSPs is...

Like most aspects of cloud and SaaS security, protecting something that is as appealing to cybercriminals as a client’s Microsoft 365 environment has become a question of time management: can you devote hours needed to cover the hundreds and possibly thousands of potential points of entry in M365?   It’s a critical and enduring question,...

For healthcare organizations of all sizes, moving to a cloud-based IT model makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.   The huge growth of patient data along with the critical need to comply with data security requirements mean that cloud-based services are an efficient and cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to modernize...

A newly revealed vulnerability impacting Apache Log4j 2 versions 2.0 to 2.14.1 was disclosed on GitHub on 9 December 2021 and registered as CVE-2021-44228 with the highest severity rating. Log4j is an open-source, Java-based logging utility widely used by enterprise applications and cloud services. By utilizing this vulnerability, a remote attacker could take control of...

For today’s MSPs, providing IT security has become a challenge to remain efficient and comprehensive. Not only must MSPs stay ahead of hackers, they also need to keep pace with accelerating changes to cloud-based infrastructure.  To fully grasp this challenge, we might compare securing today’s IT to defending a stone-and-mortar castle. Would the task be easier if the IT castle had a thousand tiny windows to peer through or a single all-encompassing window through which we could see every threat, both near and far?  Microsoft 365, for instance, has so many...

There has been a recent surge in IT spending when it comes to security budgets with double-digit growth across multiple categories of security, particularly in the cloud security arena. Information Security & Risk Management End-User Spending by Segment, 2020-2021 (Millions of U.S. Dollars) Despite clear evidence of a massive increase in security breaches that have come...


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