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Zero Trust Principles: Everything you Need to Know In recent years, the cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically. With high-profile data breaches regularly making headlines, companies of all sizes are beginning to realize that they can no longer afford to trust traditional security models. Enter zero trust security and zero trust principles. What Is Zero Trust...

Zero Trust security is now a trending word in cybersecurity that encourages online surfers never to trust and always verify. Understanding this approach is important to keep your security controls in your hands. Here’s all you need to know about zero security architecture. What Is Zero Trust Network Architecture? Zero Trust is a security approach...

Zero trust architecture is a cybersecurity solution you can implement to stay safe from malicious activity. This security model aims to authenticate all the user accounts, devices, and traffic in your organizational infrastructure to eliminate implicit trust and validate all interaction steps. Read the article until the end to learn about implementing zero trust and...

Cyber attacks are evolving daily, putting the corporate world at risk of the loss of sensitive data and millions of dollars each day. Thus, advanced cybersecurity methods need to evolve at the same pace. Realizing this, several businesses are looking to enforce security policies that include robust and holistic cybersecurity services and defense techniques. Zero...

Most companies transfer data to be stored in the cloud to increase convenience. However, one can keep wondering how safe the data stored in a cloud is. After all, losing a good chunk of company information can cause huge losses and trouble. SaaS security also has several other concerns that you should worry about too....

Ransomware is malware that encrypts a victim’s files and demands a ransom payment to decrypt them. This means the victim’s files are inaccessible until the ransom is paid. Ransomware has emerged as one of the most common forms of malware in recent years due to its ability to cause massive financial damage. Ransomware attacks have...

As technology advances and organizations adopt a more digital approach for storing data, providing services, and carrying out business operations, the risk of cyber-security threats and attacks grows exponentially.  Ransomware attacks are a category of malware (malicious software) attacks or threats that aim to target and infiltrate an enterprise network to obtain access to sensitive...

Maze ransomware has been making the news non-stop since May 2019. Ransomware attacks on individuals, government departments, and large enterprises have become increasingly worrisome. Once a Managed Service Provider or MSP is compromised, all client servers go down with it. This even includes business partners and investors. It can lead to an endless channel of...

In the world of least privileged access to truthful information, the role of an organization’s network guarded with secure access is an additional benefit. Secure remote access or Zero Trust network access is in real demand these days, especially after COVID-19 when the world shifted to the digital era. But as a matter of fact,...

Zero Trust security is a cybersecurity framework that mandates identity verification for all users and devices attempting to access private network resources, irrespective of their network location (i.e., inside or outside). Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the primary technology related to Zero Trust architecture. However, Zero Trust is a comprehensive network security strategy comprising...


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