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Maximizing MSP Security Services: An Affordable Approach to Office 365 Protection with Augmentt

Many customers believe that their managed service provider (MSP) is protecting their Office 365 environment. However, unless the managed services agreement specifically includes this service, the MSP might not actually be providing this security.

This situation often leads to a misunderstanding where customers expect their MSP to manage their Office 365 security, but the MSP has not actually taken significant steps to secure it. Faced with this situation, MSPs may choose to discuss additional security services with the client and propose an extra fee to cover the costs of SOCaaS. 

The big problem with outsourcing to a 3rd party SOCaaS platform to provide cybersecurity services is it can cost anywhere from a few dollars per end user up to tens of thousands of dollars. For an MSP to justify that cost, they would have to charge higher for their security services. 

Going to a client who is expecting 24/7 security monitoring as part of their managed IT package and telling them they need to pay more is not a conversation any MSP wants to have. So, what if instead there was an alternative to SOCaaS that can provide all the benefits without the costs?

An Affordable SoCaaS Alternative

Augmentt is a strong alternative to paying annually for a SoCaaS platform. That’s because Augmentt is designed to cover your entire client base affordably, regardless of whether a client has opted for higher-tier paid security services or Microsoft Business Premium licenses. There’s no need to charge different clients different rates to provide consistently high-quality 24/7 Microsoft 365 security.

It’s important to note that adopting Augmentt doesn’t mean you have to replace your existing solutions. For clients willing to invest heavily in security, a premium outsourced SOCaaS platform is still a top choice.

However, we recognize that not everyone is willing to (or able) to make that investment. Nevertheless, they still need the high-end security that SOCaaS can provide. Our cost-efficient SOCaaS alternative is excellent for such clients. You can provide the same sophisticated security solution to all clientele, whether or not they pay for premium services. 

Additionally, adding Augmentt to your security arsenal gives you the security capabilities of an XDR tool. This also enables MSPs to offer the security services that would have only been possible if an XDR solution was in place. If you already have EDR capabilities with your RMM, Augment extends it by providing cloud application security.

How to Use Augmentt to Provide Cost-Efficient Managed Security Services

1. Rapid Response

Augmentt’s proactive alert system helps you respond quickly to emerging threats and remediate Microsoft 365 security issues before they escalate. Having this expedited reaction time shows your client that you’re dedicated to their security and reinforces the value of continuous monitoring.

2. Security Reports

Many MSPs have successfully used Augmentt’s detailed risk assessments and security reports to identify vulnerabilities within client systems. That gives clients insights into where previously unknown security gaps may exist in their M365 environment.

3. Event Logging

Augmentt keeps track of every technicians action so you have a record of activity in the event of a security incident. These records help you demonstrate that clients were informed of their security options. Those records may be crucial for liability and insurance purposes if security issues arise.

4. Upselling Opportunities 

After showing the effectiveness of your current services, it’s easier to suggest they move to premium security tiers. Strengthen your suggestion by highlighting the benefits like real-time monitoring and dedicated support by showing them all the data you gathered using Augmentt.

Get Started With Augmentt as Your SOCaaS Alternative 

As an MSP, your goal is always to provide the best services to your clients at the most practical price. Maintaining a realistic budget for your services while generating increasing MSP revenue growth is challenging if you need to spend a lot of what you make on the technology that meets your clients’ expectations. 

Increase your revenue and your MSP’s growth with Augmentt. Choosing us as a cheaper SOCaaS alternative means that you can easily upsell in a way that demonstrates tangible value. It also means that you can provide high-tier security services without high-tier costs on your end.

Request a demo today to learn more about Augmentt. 

Levi Rose

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