Unlocking Profitability: MSPs’ Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Clients

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever, making it essential for MSPs to equip their clients with the knowledge and tools to defend against these risks.

In this webinar, we will dive into why MSPs need to embrace cybersecurity awareness training as a core component of their service portfolio. We’ll explore the many benefits, from strengthening client relationships and reducing security incidents to ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Key topics we’ll cover:
  1. Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape: Gain insights into the evolving threat landscape and the critical role MSPs play in safeguarding their clients’ businesses.
  2. The Business Case for Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Discover how offering cybersecurity awareness training can be a lucrative revenue stream for MSPs while simultaneously fortifying clients against cyber threats.
  3. Building a Comprehensive Training Program: Learn practical strategies for designing and delivering effective cybersecurity awareness training tailored to your clients’ specific needs.
  4. Measuring Success and ROI: Explore metrics and methods for quantifying the impact of cybersecurity training on your clients’ security posture and your MSP business’s profitability.
  5. Marketing and Selling Security Awareness: Get tips and tricks for successfully marketing cybersecurity training to your client base and prospects.


Whether you’re new to cybersecurity awareness training or seeking to enhance your existing offerings, this webinar is your guide to harnessing the power of education to protect your clients’ businesses while expanding your revenue opportunities.


Derik Belair

Co-Founder and CEO, Augmentt

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Augmentt is a centralized SaaS security platform built for MSPs to deliver scalable managed security services for Microsoft and cloud apps. Our multi-tenant platform gives you visibility across all your end-users to easily audit, protect and detect security threats for a holistic approach to cyber security.

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