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Shadow IT refers to the practice of using software and other systems outside of, and without the knowledge of, the IT department.  As the use of SaaS applications grows exponentially, so has Shadow IT. Employees now have the ability to bypass IT with software that’s available for a low monthly fee–or for free– with the...

The challenge for your clients doesn’t stop with the initial purchase of SaaS services.  Technology leaders recognize the need to proactively manage the availability and performance of their increasingly complex technology assets–but most lack the skills and resources to do this effectively–placing their businesses at great risk. So it’s unsurprising for MSPs that the second...

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it: isn’t that what people always say? The problem for MSPs with this attitude is that businesses need more proactive support, especially given the epic rise in the number of SaaS products they use. No longer is IT infrastructure rarely something you need to service. It requires constant expert...

The software business was supposed to be getting easier. Not just the programming and application development, but the way we consume it and implement it. While it’s certainly easy to buy software, it’s not easy to buy the right software. For one, there has never been more choice. There’s been a great decade-long run in...

Many organizations are moving their legacy workloads to the cloud. Some are even evaluating vendor operated software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offerings to entirely replace their on-premise legacy infrastructures. The good news is that they want MSPs to help. 38% of business leaders polled about cloud migration said they tend to prioritize working with a specialist third-party...

There’s no denying that MSPs need to show the value they provide versus a DIY route when it comes to offering SaaS admin services.  At its heart, this argument isn’t much different from other sales engagements where MSPs have to demonstrate their ability to manage software installments and downtime instances.  The point that needs to...


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