Augmentt List of Sub-Processors
Current as of May 1st, 2022

Sub-Processor Purpose Location More Information
Amazon Web Services Cloud Hosting USA
Google Cloud Platform Cloud Hosting, Analytics USA
Chargebee Subscription Management USA
Stripe Third-Party Payment Proc. USA
Datadog Error Tracking USA
Elastic Cloud Cloud Data Computing USA
Atlassian Software Development tool Australia
GitHub Software Development tool USA
Salesforce CRM USA
ChurnZero Customer Success Platform USA
Pardot Marketing Automation Platform USA
MailChimp/Mandrill Customer Communications USA
Zoom Video Communications Communication Platform USA
Augmentt is a centralized SaaS security platform built for MSPs to deliver scalable managed security services for Microsoft and cloud apps. Our multi-tenant platform gives you visibility across all your end-users to easily audit, protect and detect security threats for a holistic approach to cyber security.

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