SaaS Security Best Practices

Organizations and their data have migrated to cloud apps incredibly fast. IT professionals require the right tools to manage SaaS software and protect sensitive organizational data.

Continuous Monitoring & Automated Reports

SaaS security is not a one time event. Employees are constantly adopting new tools and processes, introducing new security risks at any time.
saas inventory report
saas inventory report

Manage Cloud Apps

When employees have admin rights, necessary security settings are usually not upheld. Reduce incorrect configuration settings and account breaches by limiting admin rights to IT professionals.

Audit Security Settings

Monitoring security settings across every application is a time constraint for many teams. Periodic audits ensure application settings match organizational policies, leaving you feeling assured that your organization’s sensitive software and accounts are protected.
saas inventory report
Augmentt is a centralized SaaS security platform built for MSPs to deliver scalable managed security services for Microsoft and cloud apps. Our multi-tenant platform gives you visibility across all your end-users to easily audit, protect and detect security threats for a holistic approach to cyber security.