SaaS Audit, Inventory & Compliance

Whether you are concerned about shadow IT, regulatory compliance or need to conduct an audit, Augmentt gives you full visibility over all SaaS software activity.

SaaS Inventory & Visibility

Quickly audit SaaS software activity across your organization and maintain an inventory of applications in use. Leverage our risk and productivity scores to quickly assess which software is helping or hurting the business.
saas inventory report
saas inventory report

Governance & Compliance

It’s time to develop your policies on SaaS software. Now that you have full visibility you can determine which applications are ‘Approved’ or ‘Restricted’ and quickly identify who is taking you out of compliance.

Audits for Cybersecurity Insurance

Make it easier to apply for cybersecurity insurance through routine SaaS consumption audits. Catch non compliant behavior before your insurance company does and reduce the risk of losing your coverage or having your premiums raised.
saas inventory report
Augmentt is a centralized SaaS security platform built for MSPs to deliver scalable managed security services for Microsoft and cloud apps. Our multi-tenant platform gives you visibility across all your end-users to easily audit, protect and detect security threats for a holistic approach to cyber security.