Protect and Monitor Microsoft 365 like never before

Microsoft 365 has millions of fraudulent sign-in attempts happening each day and MSPs don’t have the time to manually review security settings across all their customers. Secure helps you streamline M365 security policies and automatically generates tickets for compliance violations.
Multi-tenant MFA CONFIGURATION & ALERTING to secure and monitor user access across your clients’ M365 environments
Compelling THREAT REPORTS make it easy to sell security services with real threats happening right now
Improved SECURITY POSTURE by identifying blind spots & reducing risk of future threats through MFA and policy enrollment


  • Real-time SaaS Alertingfor active threat detections for M365 across all tenants
  • MFA Policy Configuration Audit security configurations to find vulnerabilities and monitor adoption
  • MFA Alerts Automatically generate tickets and alerts for compliance violations
  • Security Threat Report Leverage security threat reports to highlight active global threats to sell more business
  • Global MFA Visibility Protect end-users by identifying your clients security policy gaps and closing them
  • Audit Security Posture Analyze security policy configuration to reduce security risk and improve posture score overtime
  • Customer Facing QBR report Demonstrate value of service delivered with easy-to-run security reports
SaaS Alerting

“As businesses have moved systems to the cloud,

criminals have changed tactics and continued their

attacks. Cloud Software Security tools are now a must

have for an effective cyber defence.”

– Tom Synder, CFO/COO, Xantrion

Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3


Sign-up to the Augmentt Secure 14-day trial and create your first customer account


Import customer data (agent or agentless) or integrate with your SaaS admin account


Monitor Saas activity understand licenses manage users & security

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450 March Rd.
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K2K 3K2
(fax) 647-372-0393


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