Augmentt Partners with PhishingBox to Bolster Phishing Defense for Managed Service Providers

Kanata, Ontario – April 23rd, 2024— Augmentt, a leading provider of SaaS Security Solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with PhishingBox, a premier provider of phishing simulation and training solutions. This collaboration aims to equip Augmentt’s MSP partners with cutting-edge phishing defense technology, enhancing their cybersecurity arsenal and fortifying their clients’ defenses against sophisticated email threats.

The partnership between Augmentt and PhishingBox marks a significant step forward towards enhanced cybersecurity, bringing together two forward-thinking organizations to deliver unparalleled phishing protection solutions to MSPs. With phishing attacks growing in complexity and frequency, this alliance seeks to empower Augmentt’s partners to stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding their clients’ email communication.

Chase Gullett, CEO of PhishingBox, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration: “We are delighted to join forces with Augmentt to bring our industry-leading phishing simulation and training solutions to their Managed Service Provider network. Phishing attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organizations of all sizes. By partnering with Augmentt, we can empower their partners with the tools and knowledge they need to combat phishing effectively.”

Derik Belair, CEO of Augmentt, echoed Coleman’s sentiment: “At Augmentt, our mission is to equip MSPs with the resources they need to protect their clients’ digital assets. Phishing remains one of the most prevalent cybersecurity threats, making it imperative for MSPs to have robust defenses in place. Through our partnership with PhishingBox, we are enhancing our partners’ ability to detect, mitigate, and educate against phishing attacks, thereby strengthening their overall cybersecurity posture.”

Augmentt’s Managed Service Providers will gain access to PhishingBox’s comprehensive phishing simulation and training platform, enabling them to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities within their clients’ organizations. This partnership underscores Augmentt’s commitment to empowering MSPs with best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

To learn more about Augmentt’s enhanced phishing defense offerings, please visit Additionally, MSPs can request a demo of the phishing simulation and training platform at


About Augmentt:

Augmentt is a SaaS security platform for Microsoft and cloud apps, founded by the founders of N-able, who have been serving MSPs for over two decades. With Augmentt’s multi-tenant platform provides full visibility and control over Microsoft and cloud apps, allowing you to easily audit customer environments, proactively protect with security configurations, and detect threats and alerts when they arise. For more information, please visit


About PhishingBox:

PhishingBox is a leading provider of phishing simulation and training solutions, dedicated to helping organizations fortify their defenses against phishing attacks. Through innovative technology and comprehensive training programs, PhishingBox empowers organizations to identify, educate, and mitigate phishing threats effectively. For more information, please visit



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