Augmentt Announces Integration with Microsoft Purview Logs to Enhance MSP Partners’ Visibility into Security Alerts

March 14th, 2023— Augmentt, a leading provider of SaaS Management and Security solutions, is thrilled to announce its integration with Microsoft Purview Logs, empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with enhanced visibility into security alerts, including Risky Sign-ins. This integration will be a pivotal addition to Augmentt Secure, further strengthening its capabilities in safeguarding organizations against evolving cyber threats.

A major challenge in delivering security services to small and medium enterprises is that not everyone is willing to pay the premium prices that Microsoft is asking for higher license tiers. Through the addition of Microsoft Purview logs to Augmentt’s alerting engine MSPs are now able to deliver premium security services at a cost that is more affordable than charging every user for Microsoft Premium licenses.

Derik Belair, CEO of Augmentt, expressed his enthusiasm about this integration, stating, “At Augmentt, our mission is to empower MSPs with cutting-edge solutions that streamline their operations and enhance their ability to protect their clients’ digital assets. The integration with Microsoft Purview Logs underscores our commitment to delivering innovative security solutions. By providing our MSP partners with enhanced visibility into security alerts, including Risky Sign-ins, we are equipping them with the tools they need to stay ahead of cyber threats and safeguard their clients’ businesses.”

Augmentt Secure Autopilot is a comprehensive SaaS Management and Security platform designed specifically for MSPs, offering a wide range of features to optimize SaaS usage, improve security posture, and drive operational efficiency. With the addition of Microsoft Purview Logs, Augmentt Secure further solidifies its position as a leading solution for MSPs seeking to automate the security of their clients’ Microsoft environments.

Key features of the integration include:

  • The ability to monitor security for clients, regardless of their Microsoft licensing
  • Enhanced security alerts including out of country or Risky Sign-ins.
  •  Centralized management of security alerts across multiple client environments.
  • Customizable alert notifications and reporting functionalities.

For more information about Augmentt Secure and its integration with Microsoft Purview Logs, visit


About Augmentt:

Augmentt is a leading provider of SaaS Management and Security solutions designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Augmentt’s platform empowers MSPs to optimize their clients’ SaaS usage, improve security posture, and drive operational efficiency. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Augmentt is committed to helping MSPs thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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