Augmentt Featured on the CRN Stellar Security Startups to Know in 2023

Kanata, Ontario, Canada, November 21, 2023 — Cyberattacks are unrelenting, rapidly evolving, and businesses are demanding the latest defensive weapons to fight back. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, Augmentt has been highlighted as 1 of 48 security startups, founded in 2017 or later, that are developing leading-edge cybersecurity technology that solution providers should be aware of.

Staying Ahead Of The Bad Guys

Business IT systems continue to face unrelenting – and ever evolving – cybersecurity attacks including malware and ransomware, phishing scams, denial of service attacks and data theft. What’s more, the vulnerable “attack surface” for cyberattacks has expanded with the expansion of hybrid/multi-cloud computing, the growth of ecommerce platforms, the proliferation of IoT and mobile devices, and the move to remote work.

With so many high-profile security incidents making headlines, cybersecurity is top-of-mind for many IT managers. And that’s driving demand for cybersecurity solutions from solutions providers and strategic service providers.

Late last year McKinsey & Co. said that globally organizations spent around $150 billion on security solutions and services in 2021, a number that’s growing 12.4 percent annually. But beyond actual cybersecurity spending, the consulting firm said that given the rapid increase in cyberthreats the total addressable cybersecurity market – the potential opportunity for vendors and solution providers – is a staggering $1.5 trillion to $2.0 trillion.

While many businesses and organizations rely on systems and software from established cybersecurity vendors for protection, some of the most innovative offerings for battling increasingly sophisticated cyberattackers is coming from a wave of startups who are pushing the boundaries of what cybersecurity technology can do.

Leading-edge cybersecurity technologies present a major opportunity for solution providers and strategic service providers.

Now, let’s talk about Augmentt:

Top Executive: Derik Belair, Co-Founder, CEO

Founded: 2020

Augmentt is a multi-tenant, SaaS security platform built for specifically for MSPs. Augmentt ‘s platform provides full visibility and control over Microsoft and cloud apps, allowing MSPs to easily audit customer environments, proactively protect with security configurations, and detect threats and alerts when they arise.



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