Augmentt and CyberHoot Announce a Strategic Partnership

Augmentt and CyberHoot Announce a Strategic Partnership to bring Cybersecurity Awareness training to the MSP Space

Ottawa, Aug 16th. 2023 — Augmentt, a leading SaaS Security Management company, and CyberHoot, a leading provider of Cybersecurity Awareness Training, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at bringing Cybersecurity Awareness and education products to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sector. This collaboration will combine Augmentt’s security platform with CyberHoot’s cybersecurity training product, Autopilot, to create a robust and complete SaaS security solution.

As part of this partnership, Augmentt will be licensing CyberHoot’s Autopilot Cybersecurity Awareness training product, further enhancing its suite of security management platform services. Autopilot is well known for its engaging and effective  approach to educating end-users about the latest cybersecurity threats, best practices, and risk mitigation strategies.

Derik Belair, CEO of Augmentt, is thrilled about this partnership, stating, “In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, a proactive approach to security education is critical. Partnering with CyberHoot allows us to provide our MSPs with a world-class training solution that aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver a complete SaaS Security Management platform. By integrating Autopilot into our offerings, we’re empowering our MSPs to not only protect their clients’ data but also to educate and empower users at all levels.”

CyberHoot’s CEO also shared his excitement about the collaboration: “Partnering with Augmentt enables us to extend the reach of our Cybersecurity Awareness Training solution to a broader audience. Augmentt’s expertise in SaaS Security Management perfectly complements our training and testing solution, creating a holistic approach to cybersecurity that addresses both technological and human factors. Together, we’re raising the bar for Cybersecurity Literacy in the MSP community and their clients.”

This partnership between Augmentt and CyberHoot is a significant step forward in providing MSPs the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complex and ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. By combining Augmentt’s SaaS Security Management expertise with CyberHoot’s proven training and phish testing capabilities, this partnership aims to help MSPs protect their clients against cyber threats and foster a culture of security awareness among MSPs and their clients.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Augmentt Media Relations Email: [email protected]

CyberHoot Public Relations Email: [email protected]

About Augmentt

Augmentt is a SaaS security platform for Microsoft and cloud apps, founded by the founders of N-able, who have been serving MSPs for over two decades. With Augmentt’s multi-tenant platform provides full visibility and control over Microsoft and cloud apps, allowing you to easily audit customer environments, proactively protect with security configurations, and detect threats and alerts when they arise.

. For more information, visit

About CyberHoot

CyberHoot is an industry leading provider of cybersecurity awareness training and disruptive phish testing solutions. CyberHoot empowers businesses to educate and test their workforce on cybersecurity best practices, risks, and threat mitigation. Through its innovative training platform, CyberHoot enables organizations to enhance their security posture by educating employees and users at all levels. To learn more, visit

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