Augmentt’s early 2022 product updates help MSPs strengthen their cloud security services

Ottawa, ON – February 9th, 2022 – Augmentt—a growing global company focused on the managed service provider (MSP) channel—continues to refine its offerings based on a deep understanding of MSP needs. The most recent examples are the 2022 product updates, Discover with Desktop Application Support and security alerting, the first of several strategic product features designed to MSPs to gain control of cloud app security.

Discover with Desktop App Support will sizably increase the scope of discovery for MSPs, who can now gain full visibility into desktop versions of their clients’ SaaS applications.

“The lines are blurring between desktop and browser now that SaaS applications are accessible almost any place,” said Augmentt CEO Derik Belair. With this release, Augmentt provides MSPs with a holistic view to give full visibility of SaaS usage.

Meanwhile, Augmentt is also strategically introducing alerting in its Secure offering, beginning with the security feature that matters most to MSPs: multi-factor authentication (MFA).

“Alert fatigue is real, and there are millions of alerts MSPs receive daily,” observed Belair. “Knowing this, our MFA Alerts will really help our MSPs partners tune out the noise and focus on what they really need to be alerted on.”

MSPs all over the world have seen how Augmentt Discover gives them full visibility into a client’s authorized and unauthorized SaaS usage. MSPs can analyze client SaaS usage against Augmentt’s industry-leading database and automatically categorize risk, vulnerability, productivity, and strategies for optimization. The new release extends those abilities to desktop apps as well.

In addition, new features in Discover with Desktop Apps let MSPs see all of a client’s SaaS activity visualized in a beautifully designed 30-day timeline. They also gain the ability to edit the client’s SaaS master list from within Discover, a huge leap forward in time-saving convenience.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from our MSP partners how these and other product updates coming in 2022 will enable them to save time, accomplish more, and offer deeper and value-added services to their clients,” said Belair.

About Augmentt

Founded in 2020, Augmentt empowers modern MSPs to deliver best-of-breed managed services with advanced platforms for cloud app security and SaaS management. With tools for proactive prevention against cyberattacks, a deeper understanding of SaaS usage, and multi-tenant SaaS management, Augmentt enables MPSs to become tomorrow’s champions of cloud IT services. For more information, visit


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