Augmentt Strengthens the Microsoft Environment with New Audit Log Events and Introduces more PSA Integrations

Augmentt, the centralized SaaS security platform for Microsoft and Cloud Apps, is proud to announce significant advancements in securing the Microsoft environment. With the release of Microsoft Audit Log events for Threat Alerts, Augmentt provides greater visibility and proactive security monitoring capabilities, enabling admins and users to swiftly respond to potential threats and security incidents.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions that are accessible to all organizations, no matter the Microsoft license type” states Derik Belair, Co-founder of Augmentt. “The introduction of Microsoft Audit Log events for Threat Alerts further strengthens our proactive security measures and works for non-P1/P2 licenses.”

Audit Log events capture actions that indicate potential threats within an environment or significantly impact the security posture. By incorporating these events into the Threat Alerts, Augmentt offers more comprehensive coverage and a holistic view of the security landscape.

This release includes five new alert types and an impressive 45 new alerts, enhancing threat detection capabilities. Alert types such as Reset User Password, Reset Password (by admin), Add Conditional Access Policy, Delete Conditional Access Policy, and Consent to Application provide organizations with powerful tools to proactively address security concerns. Augmentt’s mission is to strike a balance between getting critical alerts without the noise of receiving hundreds of Microsoft log events that aren’t indications of security threats.

Moreover, Augmentt recently announced a CSP-level integration to Microsoft, making it easier for MSPs to run cyber security risk assessments on customers’ and prospects’ Microsoft environments, streamlining their operations and gaining a unified view of security and client management within a single platform.

Along with the release of Audit Log alerts, Augmentt has connections to major PSA platforms like AutoTask and ConnectWise, enabling MSPs to define their Threat Alert ticket settings and receive all their tickets from their PSA into the Augmentt platform, while still leveraging Augmentt’s noise suppression settings to control the number of alerts.

“We aim to provide a comprehensive SaaS security platform to address various security concerns in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape facing the Microsoft environment. This marks another milestone in our ongoing journey to strengthen Microsoft’s security posture with the addition of CSP integration and connecting to PSA’s like AutoTask and ConnectWise.” Affirms Belair.

Augmentt remains committed to empowering MSPs with robust security solutions, reinforcing their client’s Microsoft security posture, and safeguarding valuable data.

For more information about the new Audit Log events, CSP integration, and PSA integrations with AutoTask and ConnectWise, please visit our website

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