AUGMENTT now supports Google Workspace, further simplifying SaaS Management & Security For MSPs

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 19, 2021 — When the MSP marketplace speaks, industry leaders are wise to listen—which is precisely why Augmentt, the game-changing platform for comprehensive SaaS management and security, now supports Google Workspace. 

Immediately after releasing Microsoft 365 management, our MSP partners were knocking down our door for Google Workspace support,” said Augmentt VP of Product, Ali Mahmoud.  

“They had been logging into dozens of portals across M365 & Gsuite, delaying customer support and making it impossible to get a clear picture of customer security,” Mahmoud added. “What they really wanted was to have a multi-tenant view and streamlined administration across their customers applications.” 

With Google Workspace integration, Augmentt Engage now makes it easier than ever for MSPs to accelerate SaaS management thanks to streamlined provisioning, simplified daily user management (resetting password, on/offboarding, etc.), and enhanced productivity and security.  

How important is this kind of baseline functionality for MSPs managing SaaS? In preliminary results from recent market research conducted by Augmentt, MSPs using M365 and Google Workspace indicated that common, daily requests are by far the most time-consuming aspect of SaaS management when delivering managed services to their customers. 

For instance, 70% of Augment survey respondents said that password reset and user onboarding are the IT tickets they deal with the most.  


To simplify and streamline daily operations for MSPs managing SaaS via Google Workspace, Augmentt Engage functionality includes: 

  • Enforcing Least Privilege Access to reduce technician error by issuing fewer admin rights only to approved individuals. 
  • Easy SaaS provisioning/de-provisioning to allow technicians to close tickets faster and support more end users. This means more SaaS control through one portal to facilitate common admin requests, such as adding/removing users and password resets. 
  • Strong customer protection thanks to quick multi-factor authentication (MFA) via conditional access policy, as well as convenient block access and safe employee offboarding under advanced security protocols.  

Where multi-tenant meets multi-factor authentication

The multi-tenant aspect is critical to the Engage SaaS management advantage. One consistent workflow across all applications for enhanced speed and accuracy means no more clicking through five layers of Microsoft or Google portal settings. It also means a drastic reduction in dozens of time-consuming password lookups and logins. 

“One of our partners reported that on average M365 tickets take 48 hours to resolve, whereas they could close the majority of these tickets in five minutes with the tools and efficiency gains we deliver in Augmentt,” said Mahmoud.

Engage also delivers the all-important visibility needed for enhanced security. Without it, the average MSP is challenged to answer simple security questions like, “Is MFA on or off for a particular account?” or “How do I reconcile Microsoft’s enforced versus enrolled statuses against Google’s MFA paradigm to give a clear picture to my management team?”  

“That visibility is vital to customer security,” explained Mahmoud. “As an admin on a customer account, you need to see the current state and be able to quickly act on that knowledge. Augmentt Engage gives you that insight and the confidence to act efficiently.”  


About Augmentt 

Founded in 2020, Augmentt’s mission is to provide managed service providers (MSPs) a smart solution to address the complexities driven by the unprecedented adoption of SaaS. Augmentt’s platform and solutions are designed to make SaaS management easy and profitable while delivering the framework for Augmentt partners to become world-class MSPs. For more information, visit 


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