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Usually, software developers create an application and release it once it passes all the security checks. Security testing is placed among the last steps of software development. Nowadays, organizations are switching to cloud computing very rapidly. Hence, the developers of cloud-native applications also follow a modern development course, referred to as DevSecOps. DevSecOps is an...

What Is A Hybrid Cloud? The orchestration of several platforms that characterize hybrid cloud technology enables activities to flow between public, private, or on-premises clouds as computing requirements and costs vary. Consequently, it gives enterprises higher stability and more alternatives for data deployment. Hybrid Cloud Architecture Consider that one application needs greater computing capacity than...

Identity and access management, or IAM, is a combination of procedures, tools, and guidelines that define and manage the access privileges and roles of specific network entities (devices and users) to various on-premises and cloud services. IAM systems aim for one digital identity per person or device. After the creation of a digital identity, it...

The arrival of modern technology has been revolutionary, and rightly so. Whether it be communication, security, manufacturing, healthcare, or education, it has transformed every field of life. Today, the corporate sector is eager to adopt sophisticated technology to gain an advantage over its competitors. This refers to generating business leads, higher profits, hiring a competent...

ZTA (Zero Trust architecture), also known as perimeter-less security, has quickly become popular in the cyber security market. A recent report by Microsoft states that 90% of enterprise management teams are aware of what Zero Trust is today. This is huge as only a year ago, only 20% of organizations were aware of it. John...

Cloud storage models such as PAAS, IAAS, and SAAS are changing the way companies conduct themselves in the market and internally. From large enterprises to small businesses, everybody is shifting gears to understand and adopt SAAS solutions. This entails incorporating security policies into their services, products, and business processes. The sound architecture enables organizations and...

Protecting your web applications and APIs is important to prevent attackers from accessing sensitive data and wreaking havoc on your systems. We understand that not everyone is a security expert, so we’ve put together this guide on Web applications and API  to help you get started. What Is Web Application And API Protection? Web application...

Today’s modern identity professionals must be versatile in their work. Current identification systems must be durable and adaptable enough to be utilized in various scenarios. The specialist who manages these systems must be able to comprehend all of these things. Their job is among the most comprehensive in the technology sector. If you want to...


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