saas management

Simplify your SaaS management

With Augmentt Engage, you can accelerate SaaS management to streamline provisioning, simplify daily user management, improve security and increase productivity.
saas management
Augmentt Engage
Easily MANAGE user accounts and close tickets faster
Seamlessly SCALE operations and productivity without adding resources
SECURE your team and company’s customers by reducing risk with least privilege access

Now Available:
Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace management

Pre-defined industry best practice workflows promote consistent Onboarding and Offboarding without mistakes.

Our multi-tenant interface ensures your techs aren’t wasting time sifting through tabs, have quick access to Company and Employee details and can process user management requests efficiently without compromising your security standards.


Least Privilege Access

Augmentt Engage provides MSPs and IT teams a transparent access management model that seamlessly provides users with the access level required to get the job done without the headache of exposing the organization to the security risks and data breaches associated with excess privileges.

Fast Day to Day Administration

It’s never been easier to solve the core administrative tasks for SaaS applications. Quickly onboard users, modify their licenses, reset passwords and If needed take steps to sure your customer by blocking users or offboarding them.

At a Glance Security Status

It’s now easier than ever to see which users have multi-factor authentication across your customer sites. Simple select the tenant and immediately view the list of users and their MFA status.


Easily switching between your customers allows you to spend more time resolving Issues and less time logging In to different environments.

Share the Workload

Now any level of technician can help your experts with closing tickets. Engage strives to solve the majority of level 1 tickets much faster than using Microsoft’s portal or other tools.

Audit Logging

We retain logs of all actions taken within Engage and by whom, ensuring security and accountability of all activity.

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Telephone: 888-670-8444
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450 March Rd – Unit 102
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
K2K 3K2


450 March Rd.
Unit 102
Kanata, Ontario
K2K 3K2
(fax) 647-372-0393


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