The Do's and Don'ts of M&A for MSPs

In this webinar, we'll cover some of the fundamentals and strategies MSPs should consider as they prepare to exit their business.

The do’s and don’ts of M&A for MSPs

Join George Smith on June 13th at 2 pm as he talks with Tom Andrulis, CEO of Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) about the Do’s and Don’ts of Mergers and Acquisitions for MSPs.

Tom founded Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) in 2003 and quickly grew the company to one of the leading Managed Service Providers (MSP) on the United States West Coast.  After winning Robin Robins’ 2014 “Better Your Best”, Tom led ITS to continue achieving and exceeding best-in-class performance and service, launching his first M&A partnership in 2016.  Having completed over fourteen transactions, Tom has grown ITS to a nationally recognized MSP with offices throughout the United States and team members worldwide.  In 2022, ITS accepted private equity investment from Tower Arch Capital and continued to grow through strategic M&A partnerships with the goal of bringing together great people.

In this session, Tom will share some of his strategies and thought processes behind evaluating the MSPs. Andrulis’ approach can help MSPs looking to position themselves for a merger or acquisition, strengthen their core offerings, or unite a geographically diverse team around particular solutions. We’ll cover common barriers, red flags, and some of the fundamentals MSPs should begin to consider as they prepare to exit their business.

George Smith
Sr. Business Development Manager
Tom Andrulis
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