Augmentt’s new CloudRadial integration brings new visibility to SaaS management

When it comes to complex SaaS management, visibility is everything. That’s why we’re so excited by how our new integration with CloudRadial can help MSPs explore and share even more valuable insights on client SaaS usage—directly from the CloudRadial portal.

If you’re an MSP already using CloudRadial, this integration can make your client interactions much more streamlined. Your clients have access to all of their SaaS usage data, empowering them to log in whenever they want to know what’s happening with their employee’s SaaS apps. With CloudRadial’s portal, you can make user client admins to manage their own teams directly. This new integration really creates a complete picture that’s accessible to all parties.

The introduction of Augmentt Discover data gives CloudRadial users a clearer understanding of the sites and services that their customers use most. It also gives you the opportunity to upsell security services with the ability to demonstrate the prolific sprawl of apps, helping you recommend security services to protect your client’s cloud environments.

Within the CloudRadial environment, both you and your customers can monitor SaaS usage with metrics including the level of approval, level of risk, productivity, total visits, days active, and user counts.

Just as importantly, given that many clients are unaware of the risks from a cloud environment that is not regularly monitored, the integration makes it possible to share the right data so that clients more clearly understand those risks. This added transparency stands to significantly improve your level of client engagement and trust.

It also means less frequent reporting. Now that your customers can have easy access to their SaaS app inventory and usage data updated daily, there’s less need for you to generate and share weekly or monthly reports.

Camille Beaulieu

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