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Augmentt Launches Agent vs. Agentless SaaS Usage Discovery

Augmentt, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application management software, announced today the launch of Agent vs. Agentless SaaS usage discovery.

This means that Augmentt Discover can now collect SaaS usage data using both an Agent and Agentless model giving MSPs greater flexibility. This will make it even easier for MSPs to get SaaS applications under control for their customers.

“The Augmentt agent is a lightweight agent that resides on the local machine and captures all browser-based SaaS usage,” said Derik Belair, Co-Founder and CEO at Augmentt. “This enables businesses to collect SaaS usage data from each employee’s individual machine. The best part is it can easily be deployed via RMM or GPO.”

In turn, this means you can:

  • Collect more powerful and accurate data.
  • Drill into employee specific SaaS usage data, providing granular insights.
  • Map each individual user’s browser history to the Augmentt master list of SaaS applications, which provides a default category, as well as productivity and risk scores.

“Of course, sometimes you want to perform a quick assessment of a customer environment and the Augmentt agent would require client approval or otherwise take longer to deploy,” said Belair. “In those instances, agentless can make the most sense.”

“Using Cisco Umbrella log file analysis, you can capture 100% of SaaS usage data including desktop applications like Dropbox or website plugins that are not shown in someone’s browser history. It’s ideal if you already have Cisco Umbrella deployed and you’re looking to quickly collect high-level SaaS usage data.”

The agentless model offers many benefits, including:

  • The ability to gain a complete view of SaaS usage data beyond just browser data.
  • Easy to set up and deploy.
  • Works regardless of operating systems or web-browser.

Augmentt allows MSPs to choose the method of SaaS discovery that makes the most sense for a given client. Together, these features empower MSPs to better manage their clients’ SaaS sprawl.

You can learn more about how Augmentt is helping MSPs build and deliver profitable SaaS services to their clients here.

About Augmentt

Founded in 2020, Augmentt’s mission is to provide managed service providers (MSPs) a smart solution to address the complexities driven by the unprecedented adoption of SaaS. Augmentt’s platform and solutions are designed to make SaaS management easy and profitable while delivering the framework for Augmentt partners to become world-class MSPs. For more information, visit

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Derik Belair

As President and CEO, Derik leads the vision, strategy and growth of Augmentt. Prior to founding Augmentt, Derik was the Vice President at SolarWinds, leading the digital marketing strategy for SolarWinds’ Cloud division. Derik has been working in the channel for over 20 years, starting his career as a channel sales rep at Corel Corp. and eventually becoming the first employee at N-able Technologies in April of 2000.


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