Integration Partnerships

SaaSOps: The future of IT Services

Augmentt’s multi-tenant SaaS Management Platform is the ideal solution for SaaSOps teams and agencies.
Integration Partnerships

Take your SaaSOps services to the next level with Augmentt

Whether you are a SaaSOps army of one, part of a team or run a SaaSOps agency, Augemntt has the products you need to succeed.
SaaS Usage Discovery
Discover the full SaaS Applications mix used in your client’s environment to help them mitigate risk, improve productivity, and reduce spend.
SaaS Stack Optimization
Quickly track users, usage and spend associated with all of your SaaS subscriptions. Take the guess work out of subscription management with Augmentt
SaaS Security and Control
Take control over the management of your SaaS applications to streamline provisioning, improve security and reduce costs..
SaaS Cost Management
Helping Internal Finance and Operations teams reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

SaaSOps is the future of traditional IT Services

Today’s workplace is a SaaS-driven environment. Traditional Hardware and Software is being replaced by Cloud and SaaS as business users desperately search for more collaborative and responsive IT experiences.

While the technology might be new, the challenges remain the same. In a recent independent survey of leading SaaSOps professionals, respondents ranked the following:

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The Employee experience is what matters most
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SaaS Environments Are Growing In Complexity
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The Corporate Perimeter is Highly Distributed

Why Augmentt for SaaSOps?

Augmentt is the only Multi-Tenant SaaS Application Management platform optimized for SaaSOps teams and Agencies.

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450 March Rd.
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(fax) 647-372-0393


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