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Protect your customer’s critical data with Enterprise-grade automated Microsoft Office 365 backup and restore. Comprehensive. Proven. Secure.
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Secure Your Business-Critical Data With Augmentt’s Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery​

Microsoft 365 cannot protect you from data loss at your end due to human, error, malicious intent, outages, sync errors, hackers, or malware.

When you add to the equation the likelihood of employee errors and the frequency of malware attacks and security breaches, you have a significant cybersecurity gap that can cause business-critical data loss without any chance of recovery.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform. However, it lacks the daily backup and archiving process. Native options to restore deleted items are time-bound, destructive (overwrite existing data),  and cumbersome. Moreover, once your data has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, manually or automatically, it’s permanently gone.

Backup for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Microsoft 365 backup service Exchange Online for your Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.

CloudAlly offers the most reliable and trusted Microsoft 365: Exchange online backup, and recovery solution for your IT team. It ensures that all historical versions of your Microsoft 365, emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and sites — are safely stored and easily recoverable. And our Outlook compatible .pst export means that your Office data is still available even if MS Azure is temporarily unavailable.

SharePoint Backup

Our comprehensive SharePoint backup includes:

  • Team Sites (including all sub-sites)
  • Public Sites (including all sub-sites)
  • Private Site Collections 
  • OneDrive for Business sites (documents and libraries)

Our intuitive admin-friendly UI, automated and secure SharePoint backup, ensures the safety of your company’s valuable Microsoft data, guaranteeing compliance with retention policies, preventing intentional and unintentional data loss while greatly improving recovery time objectives.

Why Backup OneDrive?

OneDrive is your organization’s central file collaboration system. An accidental deletion, sync error, outage, or a malware/ransomware attack can disrupt business continuity. SaaS data loss affects one in three companies. So much so that across the board – Microsoft, analysts, laws like GDPR/HIPAA – all recommend third-party backup. Native recovery options like Recycle Bin are time-bound and tedious. They do not provide quick disaster recovery and seamless business continuity – a must to mitigate the impact of data loss. Read our ebook: 7 Reasons Why Enterprises Need SaaS Backup

CloudAlly Backup eliminates data loss with automated backup and easy point-in-time/granular recovery. Choose between non-destructive or in-place recovery. Ease on-boarding with support to export data and restore data to a different user. Our backups are compliant and secure, and include unlimited storage.

Microsoft 365 Groups & Teams Backup

The Microsoft 365 suite of products brings the tremendous capability of Microsoft Office to the cloud. MS Groups and MS Teams are heavily used by employees to collaborate as they seamlessly integrates with other popular Microsoft 365 apps, TeamDrive, and sync with SharePoint.

All the business-critical data on MS Groups and MS Teams is also vulnerable to data loss due to human error, malicious intent, hackers, sync error, and malware.

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution comprehensively backs up MS Groups and MS Teams too.

  • Get complete end-to-end enterprise-grade protection with automated backup and easy recovery.
  • Unlimited backup storage on AWS servers and unlimited data retention.
  • Quickly recover MS Groups and MS Teams data from any point-in-time as well as export your archives into local storage.

Why Backup Microsoft Office 365 Contacts?

This is a valid question IT admins and CEOs are asking themselves regularly.  Why backup is necessary for Microsoft 365 Contacts?

The following incidents illustrates possible scenarios which often occur:

  • A sales rep deleted the contact of a lead and needs it back urgently.
  • A new employee has deleted a critical shared contact list.
  • Sync error with a CRM app has bulk-deleted contacts.
  • There is an Microsoft 365 outage and employees can’t access their contacts.
    The reasons for losing business-critical M365 contacts are numerous and commonplace.
    Microsoft Office 365 is stringently secure, but it cannot protect your from data loss at your end. This can include malware, ransomware, human error, malicious intent, downtime, sync errors, and more.

How can you recover valuable M365 Contacts? Via unsure, tedious, time-bound Recycle Bin or other native options. Or recover contacts with a few easy clicks using Augmentt Backup for M365.

During the stressful moments of data loss- which do you prefer? SaaS data loss strikes one in three companies. Secure your valuable data with the pioneers of SaaS backup.

Why Backup Microsoft 365 Tasks?

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) lacks the daily backup and archiving process necessary for you to restore lost data. One in three companies report SaaS data loss due to malware, human error, sync issues, downtime, and/or malicious intent. Read our free ebook:7 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Needs Backup.Native built-in options to restore data such as the Import/Export tool are tedious and hold outdated data. Secure cloud backup is your best defense, eliminating data loss with accurate and easy recovery.

With Microsoft 365 (Office 365) holding business-critical data, backup is a must-have safety net. Mail, tasks and calendar are the bedrock of business communication and workflows. Don’t risk the damaging impact of Microsoft 365 (Office 365) data loss. Secure your data with CloudAlly’s Backup for Microsoft Office 365 for Mail, CalendarContacts and Tasks, Groups/ Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Don’t Lose Critical Calendar Data Entries!

Your organization marks its time on Microsoft 365 Calendar. But then an app sync error wipes out a week’s worth of meetings. Or while deleting a single event, an employee accidentally deletes the entire recurring series of events. Or an outage cuts critical access to Outlook Calendar. How can you restore lost, deleted or inaccessible Calendar events? And ensure business as usual when errors, downtime and malware strike? Backup for Microsoft 365 Calendar, is crucial for your business continuity.

6 reasons why backing up M365 is critical according to latest Microsoft Report

Accidental Deletion

If you delete a user, whether you meant to or not, that deletion is replicated across the network, along with the deletion of their personal SharePoint site and their OneDrive data.
Native recycle bins and version histories included in Microsoft 365 can only protect you from data loss in a limited way, which can turn a simple recovery from a proper backup into a big problem after Microsoft 365 has geo-redundantly deleted the data forever, or it has fallen out of the retention period.

Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion

The fast pace of business in the digital age lends itself to continuously evolving policies, including retention policies that are difficult to keep up with, let alone manage. Just like hard and soft delete, Microsoft 365 has limited backup and retention policies that can only fend off situational data loss, and is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution.

Internal Security Threats

Access to files and contacts changes so quickly, it can be hard to keep an eye on those in which you’ve installed the most trust. Microsoft has no way of knowing the difference between a regular user and a terminated employee attempting to delete critical company data before they depart. In addition, some users unknowingly create serious threats by downloading infected files or accidentally leaking usernames and passwords to sites they thought they could trust.

External Security Threats

Malware and viruses, like ransomware, have done serious damage to organizations across the globe.
Not only is company reputation at risk, but the privacy and security of internal and customer data as well.
External threats can sneak in through emails and attachments, and it isn’t always enough to educate users on what to look out for — especially when the infected messages seem so compelling. Exchange Online’s limited backup/recovery functions are inadequate to handle serious attacks. Regular backups will help ensure a separate copy of your data is uninfected and that you can recover quickly.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Sometimes you need to unexpectedly retrieve emails, files or other types of data amid legal action. Something you never think it is going to happen to you until it does. Microsoft has built-in a couple of safety nets, (Litigation Hold) but again, these are not a robust backup solution capable of keeping your company out of legal trouble.
For example, if you accidentally delete a user, their on-hold mailbox, personal SharePoint site and OneDrive account is also deleted.

Managing Hybrid Email Deployments

Organizations that adopt Office 365 typically need a window of time to serve as a transition window between on-premises Exchange and Office 365
Exchange Online. Some even leave a small portion of their legacy system in place to have added flexibility and additional control. These hybrid email deployments are common, yet pose additional management challenges.

Why Choose Augmentt Backup for M365?

  • Unlimited AWS Backup Storage: Our automated/on-demand backups are stored on industry-leading, secure Amazon S3 servers. With unlimited storage included.
  • Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Protection: Augmentt Backup includes MailCalendar, Contacts and Tasks, Groups/ Teams, and SharePoint.
  • Non-destructive or In-place Restore: Restore deleted files without overwriting existing data or choose in-place restore if you want to overwrite live data.
  • Smart Recovery: Historical snapshots of backups and advanced filter criteria help you recover exactly what you want with a few clicks.
  • Onboarding Support: Cross-user restore and support export backups to your own storage facilitates easy onboarding/ offboarding of employees. Restore OneDrive data to the same account, or to any other account on the Microsoft Office 365 tenant.

Your complete Microsoft 365 Backup solution!

SEAMLESS M365 Backup

Automated Backup of all or selected users with new users/sites auto-detected. Metadata backup. Single repository Exchange backup

oauth /MFA support

OOTB integration with all Office 365 Exchange Plans. Secure Authentication with OAuth and MFA support


Your choice of data centers – US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia

automated or on-demand backup

Daily Automated M365 backup or user specified on request

ADMIN-friendly CONTROLS and alerts

Daily M365 backup summary email, exception-only alerts, transparent monitoring, and audit logging

Archive retention

Unlimited Data retention. No stress about M365 retention policies. Immutable Storage – Object- Lock minimize the accidental or malicious loss of data.

flexible Data recovery

Granular restore with advanced search, point-in-time restore with historical snapshot, cross-user restore, non-destructive restore, recover entire mailboxes


Zip download containing industry standard EML, VCF and ICS formats, or Outlook compatible PST format

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