Save Money and Improve Security by Uncovering Shadow IT

Augmentt exposes shadow IT by providing the ability to detect and report on cloud applications in use across your organization.

What Is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT refers to IT technologies, solutions, services, projects and infrastructure utilized and managed without the formal approval and support of internal IT departments.

Typical shadow IT examples include:

An engineer who uses a personal flash drive
An executive that adds WhatsApp to their work cellphone
A marketing team that uses Google Drive for file sharing
An HR manager that uses Skype for video interviews

When non-sanctioned applications and devices are in use, security vulnerabilities can be introduced into the infrastructure–and without IT oversight–the root-cause is very difficult to find. Beyond security issues, shadow IT creates:

Compliance headaches
Wasted spend on unused applications and inactive licenses

The Numbers Behind Shadow IT

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40% of all software spending in organizations goes to shadow IT.
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Data loss and downtime from shadow IT costs $1.7 Trillion a year.
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US organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software over four years.
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of security attacks will be on shadow IT this year alone.

Shadow IT and Security

83% of IT professionals reported that employees stored company data in unsanctioned cloud services, a challenge especially apparent with file sync and share tools.

With shadow IT, you expose yourself to:

  • Data Loss: Use of unauthorized apps makes data vulnerable to leakage and theft.
  • Ransomware: Unsecured personal devices connected to enterprise networks are ransomware landing zones.
  • Phishing: Weak password practices leave your organization susceptible to phishing attacks.

The Cost of Shadow IT

According to a study from 1E, US organizations wasted $30 billion—yes, billion—on unused software over four years. Here are some other costs of shadow IT.

  • Mismanaging customer data can cost you: for example, falling afoul of GDPR can cost you up to €20 million.
  • In the US, a data breach costs a company on average $8.19 million
  • Surveys unveil ransomware losses for businesses can average $2,500 for each incident.

Turning Shadow IT Into an Advantage

While there are many downsides of shadow IT, it shows that employees are hungry for tools that help them function more effectively. Can you use it to your advantage?

  • Shadow IT solutions often fill a gap between what’s available to the employee and what they need.
  • Employees are generally happier and more productive when they’re able to use the tools they know and like.

Shadow IT provides a better UX that allows employees to perform more effectively, and this drives user adoption.


How Augmentt Can Help

A shadow IT policy that allows employees to experiment with new tools while mitigating shadow IT risks is a competitive advantage. It’s also achievable with Augmentt. Here are the three ways we can help.

  • Gain visibility into your cloud ecosystem and automate by using our advanced log file analysis framework. We allow you to quickly identify every SaaS application used on your network across the entire employee base.
  • Get sophisticated reports on usage to determine the business impact of various shadow IT applications. Encourage employees to talk about why they need a particular shadow IT solution and why existing software is not up to the task.
  • IT becomes a strategic fulcrum for every team, moving away from finding and vetting solutions to orchestrating the solutions employees want. Eventually, people turn to you for help making their tools even better.

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