saas application security

Software as a Service (SaaS) is taking over the world.

The modern MSPs will make it all work together.
saas application security

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available directly to customers over the Internet. SaaS is both a threat and an opportunity to the MSP. The threat lies in the simple, direct signup of these offerings that bypasses the MSP. The opportunity lies in discovering, optimizing and managing the growing sprawl of these hosted services, each with its own console, on behalf of your clients.

Any MSP that recognizes their customers’ transition away from on-premise, server-based applications to Cloud-hosted applications like Office 365, Slack, etc. and is looking at new and innovative ways of evolving their business model to thrive.

Any organization, regardless of size, with workers who leverage the Internet as a means of getting their job done.

We believe that Software as a Service (SaaS) is taking over the world and that modern MSPs will make it all work together.

Our solutions are designed specifically for MSPs that service progressive organizations with a digital workforce. Augmentt’s SaaS Management platform creates a Sweet Spot between the MSP and digital organizations.

The SaaS Management Sweet Spot:

Examples of everyday Digital Organizations

Atom HR and Staffing

Business Sector: Healthcare
General Description: HR recruiting and staffing agency – 186 person
What are they trying to accomplish: Tring to find new and innovative tools that will help with their sales and marketing activities
# of Tools used: 78 SaaS Products
Example of SaaS tools: Office 365, Slack, Humi, Trello
Current Concerns: What are the impacts of using all these SaaS tools concerning HIPAA compliance

Tampa National Savings and Loans

Business Sector: Regional Bank and Financial Services
General Description: 285 Person financial institution
What are they trying to accomplish: Update outdated infrastructure, improve security and reduce cost while maintaining strict financial compliance
# of Tools used: 28 SaaS products
Example of SaaS tools: Office 365, Hosted CMR,, SAP HANA, COUPA, FOREX,
Current Concerns: Update outdated infrastructure, control usage, improve security, maintain compliance

Lake Michigan Regional School Board

General Description: 445 full-time Staff + 315 Temporary employees
What are they trying to accomplish: How to quickly and efficiently onboard and offboard temporary employees
# of Tools used: 38 SaaS Products
Example of SaaS tools: Office 365, Ellucian, FreshSchools, Chalk, SMART, e-School
Current Concerns: How to ensure that we effectively onboard and off-board temporary employees

Thompson Engineering, Inc.

General Description: 390 person Commercial Design and Engineering firm
What are they trying to accomplish: Leverage the latest visual, design and 3D technology to remain competitive on a global scale
# of Tools used: 221 SaaS Products
Example of SaaS tools: Slack, Trello, Confluence, Autodesk Fusion, Adobe Creative Cloud
Current Concerns: Increased spend on duplicate technology and overlapping licensing

Where does Augmentt fit in?

We help solve the 3 biggest problems associated with SaaS usage:


How to mitigate security concerns such as data loss, breaches and compliance


How to optimize SaaS usage and spend


How to manage SaaS usage without impacting productivity

Full support for MSPs

Augmentt Assist

Discover a new breed of services for MSPs: SaaS Operations (SaaS-Ops)

Augmentt Academy

Learn and grow with expert support and training

Why and How

Why Augmentt:

Augmentt focuses on the transition and future state of MSPs with Digital Organizations as customers while employing the lessons-learned from over 20 years in the traditional desktop, server and network MSP environment. We anticipated the displacement of MSPs from the SaaS conversation and have developed solutions and messaging to help MSPs re-engage and lead the SaaS conversation. Our goal is to make our partners the world’s most successful MSPs.


By Designing and delivering Great Products and Programs that are:


Easy to Try


Easy to buy


Easy to Use


Instantly valuable

What does that mean for you:

When you partner with Augmentt, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an organization that is lead by MSP veterans focused entirely on making you successful. The Channel is not our side business, it is our business!

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