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Microsoft 365 Security & Management for MSPs On Autopilot

Automate, secure, and manage your clients’ Multi Tenant M365 ecosystems effortlessly.

These companies trust Augmentt

Securing & Managing M365 for your clients can be complex and time-consuming, Augmentt delivers a solution designed to simplify and secure your operations with precision

Dive into the realm of simplified M365 management, where automation meets security.

Significantly minimize the risk of account breaches by implementing Microsoft's industry-leading best practices

Apply Microsoft Security Best Practices With One Click

Using Augmentt’s out of the box security configurations you can adjust settings to best practice in minutes not hours ensuring your clients’ environments are always protected.

Remediate breaches before the damage is done

Receive real-time PSA ticket alerts for Microsoft breaches

Be notified in near real time of critical M365 security events regardless of the license your tenant has purchased.

Attract & Retain talent by saving them front grunt work while showcasing work to clients

Automate Reports for Technicians and Stakeholders

Save technicians hours of building manual reports for customers with Augmentt’s brandable & standardized security reports.

Deliver Managed Security at 1/10th the cost & effort

Using Augmentt’s automated reports, alerts and one-click security baselines you’ll see efficiency and productivity gains like never before. The best part about it is your L1 & L2 tech’s can handle tasks previously only L3 tech’s would be trusted with.

How It Works

Automate, Secure and Simplify in Three Steps.


Get The Augmentt Advantage

Easy Tenant Onboarding

Import all of your clients from Microsoft Partner Portal or invite new clients with a magic link.

Apply security best practices with one-click

Use our out of the box security templates or create your own.

Manage MFA

Setup MFA across all customers and be notified if anything changes.

Automate security breach notifications

Keep environments safe without notification overkill.

Take Action

Reset passwords, add or block users, offboard users, modify licenses and more.

Automate reports

Stop wasting your technicians time pulling together manual reports.

Full Platform Pricing

MSPs can get full access to everything required to secure, monitor & report on M365 environments for as low as $199/mo for 250 end users.

The Augmentt Platform

Microsoft & PSA Integration
Import all of your clients via CSP Partner Portal and connect them to your PSA with ease.
Security Risk Assessments
Send businesses a Microsoft Magic Link to quickly integrate and provide free security risk assessments to win new business
Automated Reporting
Customizable & brandable security reports for your clients
Real-time Security Alerts
Resolve PSA tickets with one-click
Microsoft Security Best Practices
Apply best practices with one-click
Microsoft 365 management
Resolve common helpdesk tickets with ease
Full SaaS Inventory/Discovery
Optionally deploy an agent via RMM for full software inventory & compliance audits
Microsoft License Reporting
Monitor changes in licenses and simplify end of month billing.


Integrate Microsoft security reporting into your existing client reports.


Using our GDAP tool & Magic Link, setting up is easy! You can integrate with your CSP partner portal in minutes
Augmentt uses a combination of Microsoft Secure Score best practices as well as industry standards such as NIST & CIS. You can use the out of box templates to get started right away and even build your own custom templates to match your client requirements.
Out of box, Augmentt comes pre-configured to not be noisy. Very few Microsoft alerts are critical in nature so you will be receiving tickets for account breaches and not minor user log related events. That said, everything is customizable and you can turn alerts on & off to match your clients’ needs.
No. You can choose to schedule alerts to any stakeholder you want and at the frequency you want or manually download reports when you need them.
Regardless of how MFA is managed across your tenants, we have you covered. Augmentt supports Conditional Access Policies, Security Defaults, Entra ID per user (Legacy) MFA as well as 3rd party MFA services like DUO.
No. You can use Augmentt to monitor and manage all clients regardless of their licensing. For environments with no premium licensing you can still provide alerts and monitoring for account breaches and configure security best practices. For environments with premium licensing, you can leverage Microsoft’s premium alerts and premium security configurations such as Conditional Access Policies.
Augmentt is one of the few vendors SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR compliant.
Site licenses to make sure you can deliver standardized service across all clients very affordably.

About Augmentt

Augmentt’s values are deeply rooted in the history of our two founders, Derik Belair and Gavin Garbutt. The former founders of N-able came together with an idea that would forever shape the IT channel, by helping MSPs move from a break-fix model to creating managed services.

That same passion and vision is what let them to create Augmentt, a SaaS Security Management platform, optimized for Microsoft. 

The platform is built for MSPs who are serious about creating a profitable future through managed SaaS services.


“Augmentt proves to be a game-changer in the realm of SaaS security management, specifically tailored for MSPs. The platform is ingeniously designed to audit, protect, and detect threats in the M365 environment efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and robust features enable MSPs to enhance security protocols and respond to issues swiftly, thus expediting ticket resolution. The proactive audit capabilities are comprehensive, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the quest for optimal security. In a world where cybersecurity is paramount, Augmentt stands as a sentinel, empowering MSPs to champion the security needs of their clients with confidence and precision.”
Josh Nelson
“One place to bring reporting and action in 365 together”
Mike Hayward
“The best solutions for quick and easy baseline rollouts”
Ali Asghar
“Augment gives us amazing insight into security vulnerabilities. It is an easy one stop place to look for issues and ways to make our tenants security better. They also have great monthly webinar updates to always keep us updated.”
Morgan Gregory
“Great time saver for user onboarding/offboarding. Clean and responsive web portal. Easy integration and a great tool to cut down on user management time in the M365 admin portal. Great centralized M365 User Managment tool to help seamlessly swap between tenants.”
Kevin Jansen

Microsoft 365 Security & Management for MSPs On Autopilot

Using Augmentt’s automated reports, alerts and one-click security baselines you’ll see efficiency and productivity gains like never before. The best part about it is your L1 & L2 tech’s can handle tasks previously only L3 tech’s would be trusted with.

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